UbuntuStudio Desktop Pc Intel cpu

* Desktop transport Bpost:


toetsenbord/keyboard layout:


Upgrade desktop cpu:

Extra Ram Desktop:

LCD Screen :

Extra Harddisk ssd :

Nvidia Videocard:

Cd/Dvd station:

upgrade mb+ 2x vga for up to 4 screens:

Andere wensen/other requirements/andere Vorraussetzungen/autres exigences(printer, VPN, Encryption...):

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Ubuntustudio Desktop computer ATX / UATX

Mb Asrock
Processor Intel I3- 10gen
Vga Intel® HD Graphics
Memory 8GB DDR4 (2666MHz)
Power Corsair CX450M, 450 Watt

Installed packages:

audio  -  graphics  - publishing  -  photography  -  video  - UbuntuStudio Controls  Ubuntustudio PackageList (uncomplete)

Ubuntu Studio Audio Handbook engels PDF | EPUB

UbuntuStudio + Tor Browser pre-installed (test the software online!) + Tails Live Boot option "to hide your whereabouts." 

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