MakuluLinux AI to the Max NoteBook 17.3" HD

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MakuluLinux  Brings AI to the Max Notebook 17.3 inch Full-HD (1920x1080)

With latest powerfull 13° generation CPU Intel® Core™ i7-1360P

GIGABIT LAN & WIRELESS INTEL® Wi-Fi 6 AX200 (2.4 Gbps) + BT 5.0

No DvdRw station



Integrated Intel Iris Xe
60Hz FHD Panel (1920 x 1080), 72% NTSC
Huge 73Wh Battery
Thunderbolt™ 4


MakuluLinux Release Brings AI to the Max  Preinstalled

MakuluLinux Max is the first of its kind, an AI Integrated Operating system, Designed with Debian compatibility and running on the Cinnamon Backend Framework, Utilizing Multiple Desktop Layout features and offering a lot of flexibility in terms of theming and customizability options. It comes out of the box with a variety of options to style and theme and customize the OS. What makes the operating system unique is not only all the amazing theming and appearance features, instead its the Artificial Integration options that really stand out. You can communicate with AI using Voice, Widgets, Text, Web and Terminal interface, making it remarkably easy for anyone to communicate in their own preferred comfortable method, Not only to communicate with the AI, but you can control most of you computer just using your voice. To top that, the operating system also comes with a whole bunch of custom written AI applications, created by MakuluLinux to give that extra unique experience. This is really one of those very rare, very different releases that doesn’t come around very often. The future is changing quickly, and MakuluLinux has taken a bold step with Max to stay ahead and make sure its user base are out there on the front lines enjoying all that the new technology has to offer.

MakuluLinux has been spending months creating its own AI model called Electra. some clever coding and Combining it with Palm2/Google and Bing to bring you the Ultimate integrated AI, Running 50 processes, capable of handling an average of 400 queries per minute ( on the current hardware ). Capabilities include communicating in natural language, answering questions in a comprehensive and informative way, generating different creative text formats of text content, Collaborating on tasks like code generation, generating code snippets, debugging, explain code, writing jokes, music, social media content, blogging, Generate summaries of web pages, researching and communicating using voice input, etc. etc. the list goes on and on and the AI learns and grows more everyday, so does its capabilities. The AI is very smart and typically replies on average in around 7 seconds, You can ask it anything. due to clever coding, it also has web access, so it can do web searches, answer questions about web content, debate on current affairs and even tell you what’s new on Netflix. She is very good at writing content, and can even generate you a bed time story.

Unlike a lot of other AI’s, Electra has an excellent memory, You can debate with her for hours on end and she will remember every word. She uses a “Conversation ID” to keep track of all conversations. The conversation ID gets reset if you relog, refresh the page, exit the browser/widget/terminal interface.

You can communicate using the Built in Voice integration, This operates much the same way as siri and google does on mobile handsets. Instead of saying hey siri or hey google, You simply say “Hey Electra” to wake her up, and once she is awake you can converse with her using voice. the system has been designed and optimized so well that you have an average of 7 seconds communication delay. that means you get a reply in under 10 seconds.

You can also communicate with Electra using the Terminal Interface that you launch from the desktop, here you can use either text or voice to communicate while seeing the responses typed out back to you which makes it nice if you want to copy/paste for storage or sharing.
Other options include a Desktop Widget that you can run from the panel that allows you to communicate with the AI using text in a mini browser environment, the widget is resizable and draggable. You can also communicate with Electra via our Web interface and our desktop chat client which you can launch from the main menu.

Electra Also has an “Information Mode”, and this mode is accessible only via the Web/Android interface. This mode is specifically designed to give quick results with web links to reference data. If you are researching a topic and you need some information quickly and verifiable links, then information mode is just what you need. response time in Information mode is typically 1 to 3 seconds.

The Third and Final part mode of the Voice system is “System control”, You can control your computer using just your Voice. There are several key areas that you can control on your system simply using voice commands, these are the following :

Opening / Closing / Minimizing / Maximizing / Restoring Applications.
Running System Commands.
Controlling / Navigating Chromium using Voice.
Web Search using voice ( no browser ).
Mouse control ( Mouse Movement, Mouse Clicks ).
Custom Application control.
Widget Control.
Wallpaper control ( setting wallpapers using voice ).
Layout Control, Changing between Layouts.
System control, using voice to run system updates, restart shell, reboot computer etc. etc.



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