Access, Sync and Share Your Data, Under Your Control!

NextCloud provides access to files through an intuitive web interface and through WEBDAV. There are also native clients for Windows, Linux, MAC and mobile operating systems available that allow easy synchronization between folders from your local PC or mobile device and the instance of the nextCloud on your server. There are many apps and addons available for nextCloud as a PDF viewer, an email client, calendar and a task tracker.

The full list of apps can be found here: https://apps.nextcloud.com/ Ideal and ready-to-roll cloud server for private and business.

With Nextcloud, Debian 12 and Apache2 web server, super safe. Local network: no configuration required. Accessible via the internet: configuration required :

DDclient +dyndns dynamic dns service (server accesible outside company)

Available desktop apps for windows, OS X and Linux. Mobile apps for android and apple.

Dolibarr erp + crm


 Debian 12+ nexcloud + online office for home & small business

Apache2 webserver + postfix mailer

Dolibarr erp + crm


Intel i5 cpu

solid state drive -1TB

16GB ddr4

Choose ssd upgrade + raid in product options.

Add open source ERP & CRM installation.

Sync to nextcloud for all your linux pc's and ubuntu phone.

Create and edit documents online.

DDclient +dyndns dynamic dns service (server accesible outside company)

* Desktop transport Bpost:

Upgrade SSD :


Andere wensen/other requirements/andere Vorraussetzungen/autres exigences(printer, VPN, Encryption...):

$ £
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