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2024-06-18, 08:17
ubuntu 24.04 no snaps makes my pc faster.
2023-11-28, 15:03
Love the Anonsurf module. No need for pay my vpn anymore.
2023-11-17, 07:25
Livraison rapide. Service client très professionnel et sympa. très satisfait. Merci à l'équipe.
ndf inc
2023-05-24, 09:18
We love the AnonSurf module that this company preinstall on their computers.
2023-02-27, 13:22
Love the tails and kodachi live boot!
2022-12-29, 16:04
I purchased my first Linux Laptop here in August 2022. I’m a Web Developer and required the power to be able to multitask including: multiple browsers and code editors running at once, etc. I’ve even coded a few apps and games without any issues. Right from the beginning, my pre-sale questions were answered quickly and satisfactorily. My laptop is high quality, easy to clean, lightweight and a powerhouse for my professional needs. I’ll never look back nor entertain the thought of purchasing anywhere else! I spent a considerable amount of time researching my best option for a Linux laptop. Let me save you the time by saying: look no further! I 100% recommend!
2022-12-27, 13:17
My first linux laptop I purshased at ubuntushop.be about a little more than one year ago. This was an overall outstanding experience. The perfect order handling, the fast delivery, the for my needs suitable, durable laptop with a pleasant feel and a long battery-life. Also the personal service to a completely linux-nitwit as me, made my choice for a desktop-supplier very easy. My new desktop for my home-office was delivered within a few working days. It works perfectly "out of the box" and is very fast. The built quality is premium. I am very satisfied and can only recommend this top-store!
Don company
2022-11-15, 08:51
They use the original ubuntu software, so that's good.
2022-09-14, 20:40
After a month of usage:
Excellent laptop for development, powerful, good battery endurance, ready to work, extremely light, good keyboard and screen.
Will repeat on next equipments needs.
Good work Ubuntushop!
2022-07-29, 16:30
Bien reçu mon nouveau laptop.
Commandé et payé le 24/07; notifié de l'envoi le 25 et reçu hier le 28. très bien.
magnifique machine et très bon paquet bien sécurisé.
Tout remis en ordre facilement; et aussi il faut le dire, très bons conseils et bon acceuil de la part de Mr Guy.
Franchement, je recommanderai certainement votre société, Ubuntushop. continuez comme ça, vraiment
it consults
2022-03-02, 08:53
This company offers the ubuntu notebooks oem installed. So we could choose our own username and password.
Most linux pc vendors don't do or can do that.
2022-02-14, 13:59
A long-time Linux user, I purchased 2 laptops (1 with a Ubuntu-based distro, 1 with an Arch-based distro) in late 2020 (so as to provide for basic family and professional needs with respect to computers and get a hassle-free computer that’s immediately Linux-ready) and a Ubuntu-based smartphone in early 2022 (hoping to switch to Linux-based smartphones once and for all and to free myself from the‘Big Tech’ oligopoly).

I am very satisfied with the quality of the products delivered and with the standard of service that I have received :

- The computers are not only reliable, but also very powerful (even more so than many computers in this price range that are manufactured by well-known ‘Big Tech’ competitors).

- My orders were processed very quickly and the customer service department always replied very promptly, too.

Ever since then, I’ve been recommending this company and their products to everyone I know (not only in Europe, overseas too).

Minor pitfall : in my country, the shipping partner (DPD) delivers very poor performance and it is sometimes difficult to actually be delivered. The delivery keeps being delayed, day after day, even if you track your parcel very carefully and even if you ‘obediently’ and patiently wait for your parcel all day long, at home, several days in a row. DPD keeps stating that they couldn’t deliver the parcel because “you were absent”. It occurred both times (2020, 2022) I placed an order and waited for the parcel to be delivered by DPD.

Since this is NOT Ubuntushop.be’s fault, I will continue to place orders with them in the future nonetheless.

Even with DPD’s repeated weird behavior; I received my products in less than 10 days (8 days the first time, 6 days the second time).

Overall, Ubuntushop.be makes for a safer and smoother computer experience and helps us free ourselves from the Big Tech oligopoly.

Moreover, custom-made setups are offered on request, thus serving different customer needs and appealing to virtually any computer user.

Last but for least, I significantly approve of Ubuntushop.be’s policy and philosophy regarding privacy. Not all Europe-based companies selling computers with Linux pre-installed have this in mind. In this respect, Ubuntushop.be is a pioneer in its field.

Ubuntushop.be is a very promising computer reseller that I have grown enamoured with ever since I first found out about it (I repeatedly saw ads about this company while browsing https://distrowatch.com/ and also saw the company's laptops promoted on https://manjaro.org/ a few years ago while looking for native Manjaro hardware).

I hope Ubuntushop.be will gain more exposure in the coming years. It deserves to.

Aristotle once said that “excellence is not an act, but a habit”.

In brief, Ubuntushop.be embodies the essence of Belgian excellence :

delightful originality, technical perfection, paired with human warmth, friendliness, and helpfulness.

What more can one ask for ?

- A satisfied customer (and long-time ‘online privacy’advocate)
2022-01-25, 07:57
J'ai achete un debianbook il y a un an et demi. J'en suis enchante. Le laptop est de tres bonne qualite.
2022-01-21, 09:13
mooie bak, snelle levering
2022-01-17, 13:45
Love the onboard Tails and Kodachi options
2021-09-17, 16:30
j'ai commandé un ordi Manjero Ryzen. D'abord, mes conseils, ajouter de la memoire vive, (games, graphic appli..), changer les ssd 512 en 1 Tera.
Le hardware est brillant avec son clavier rétro-fluescent, la CPU est supérieur au Cor i5 vendu dans le commerce, bref, l'ordi est de bonne qualité
Concernant l'OS, c'est parfait. Le seul bémo, est que la partition /home était montée sur le second hard disk, ce qui a impliqué quelques connaissances techniques de type sysadmin, (A recopier le contenu de la directory home dans la partition /,sous un second nom /home2, de rebooter en mono user et de renommer l'ancienne directory /home an une autre directory.)

Enfin, Manjero est une très bonne option pour remplacer WIndows et d'acquérir une sécurité des données. Manjero demande un peu de travail pour la configuration graphique

Bref, je recommande ubutushop.eu et manjeroshop00.eu
pour le sérieux, le service et la qualité
2021-09-13, 05:10
Service ultra rapide. Qualité exellente du Hardware et intégration parfaite du Software.
2021-07-29, 12:29
PC besteld, werd binnen een week bij mij in Nederland geleverd. Geconfigureerd volgens mijn wensen, en zeer degelijk verpakt.
Jaren geleden ook al eens een laptop bij deze winkel gekocht: prima!
Op vragen per email wordt snel gereageerd. Niets dan lof dus.
Rudi Feliers
2021-07-01, 06:14
Heel tevreden van mijn nieuwe Mini PC AMD Ryzen! Wat een verschil met mijn vorige luidruchtige gigantische desktop PC! Supersnel en toch mega-compact! Echt een aanrader voor de niet-INTEL-liefhebbers :-) Niets dan lof voor Ubuntushop! Top!
2021-06-25, 07:50
Gisteren besteld, vandaag al geleverd.
Toestel ziet er goed uit.
Puik werk.
2021-04-04, 11:22
Excellent service. Goods quickly dispatched. Worked perfectly on arrival. Software installed as requested. First time I've tried Manjaro after being a long time Debian user - software excellent and easy to get used to.
2021-03-25, 09:07
Commandé dimanche soir avec demande d'avoir la version française d'Ubuntu, et des RAM supplémentaires. Possibilité d'avoir un clavier français. Livré mardi avant midi ! Excellent ordinateur. Correctement installé. Avec Microsoft je devais payer un anti-virus ... et finit quand même par avoir un cheval de Troie. Utilise Ubuntu depuis 2007 : aucun problème ! La seule fois que j'ai été confronté à une question, j'ai facilement trouvé la réponse sur Internet. Pour mon nouvel ordinateur je voulais un ordinateur avec seulement Ubuntu en version LTS. Ne connaissant rien en informatique, j'ai cherché des fournisseurs potentiels de matériels pré-installés avec Ubuntu. Ubuntushop fut mon choix final. J'en suis vraiment très satisfait. Et de l'ordinateur aussi :-) N'hésitez pas non plus à demander des processeurs AMD Ryzen : ils fonctionnent à merveille.
Merci Guy. Merci de nous offrir une alternative professionnelle pour Linux.
2021-03-23, 04:59
I just ordered an Ubuntu laptop and a smartphone, and now I'm looking forward to seeing my order, like a child waiting for New Year's gifts)) But I already have something to say) I will describe my vision in general terms, but if you suddenly want to know the details , then write me an email: v.ponimajushij@gmail.com
I will glad to help you! I'm your fan since today)
At first, the choice is really huge, and this has both pros and cons. The pros are clear to everyone, but the minus is that it is very difficult to make a choice from such a huge number of options. The process of finding a suitable configuration took me a whole day. And I know exactly how you can easily improve the user experience to save users time.
- The site contains 10 categories, each for its own OS. At the same time, there are only 4 types of laptops + 2 types of PCs + 2 types of mini-PCs. Each OS category is almost identical to the previous category. Instead of creating 10 categories with almost the same content, it is better to create 3 categories: laptops, PCs, mini PCs. And already within these categories, add the ability to select an OS.
- No need to create two different kinds of positions for one notebook. Instead of "Notebook Max Config" and "Notebook with upgradeable Config" - better to make just one position, and inside of position add button "MAX Config". After clicking on this button, MAX Configuration will be added, and users can see the difference inside of one category, and don't spend time to switch between 2 categories, to understand what's the difference between "Max Config" and "upgradeable config".
- Very sad, that's impossible to order "Privacy Pack" with any kind of notebook. And only in category with "Ubuntu Notebook". Better to give users possibility to get "notebook + smartphone" like an additional option "Extra ram memory". And strange, that i can order "privacy pack" with Ubuntu Notebook, but not with "secure notebook"
- Process of payment with crypto - is very hard and long. Also, cryptopayments.net - is not the best crypto-payment service. Crypto is evoluting very fast, and now you can use some modern services for crypto-payments, without registration by email. For example: starname.me - very fast and easy! Just create starname *ubuntushop , add to this name so many addresses from different blockchains as you want, and accept payments from any users in crypto, without mails and registrations. Also, you can create "sub-domains", like a: marketing*ubuntushop
And add different addresses to different starnames.
And no centralized group, who controls payments. Starname is controlled by decentralized community!
So, now i need to go to sleep, but i have more interesting ideas, that can be easy implemented, and will make your project much more cool and userfriendly!
Thank you for you are! You are great!
2021-02-05, 09:30
Snelle service, prima laptop en goed geconfigureerd, ideaal voor mensen die geen tijd hebben om alles zelf op te zetten.
2021-02-02, 13:19
Ordered a lot of notebooks from this company because they deliver them oem installed. Other linux pc companies deliver the computers with a sudo administrator password pre-installed, on linux this is the dumbest configuration you can do.
2021-01-13, 16:46
I am a journalist and very happy to use the tails boot option on my ubuntushop privacy notebook.
Nobody needs to know where i am.
2020-12-28, 13:56
Sehr guter Support und schnelle unkomplizierte Lieferung. Das Geld ist gut investiert. Eine echte Alternative auf dem Computermarkt. Weiter so!
2020-12-04, 20:47
Op zoek naar een goede laptop met Linux kwam ik Ubuntushop tegen - hele fijne computer gekocht met goede specs, Ubuntu geinstalleerd, een echt hele goede prijs, en ondanks de nadeerende feestdagen ntoch nog heel snel geleverd! Zeer tevreden, ziet er top uit! Bedankt!
2020-12-03, 17:27
Zeer snelle levering. Uitstekende kwaliteit van de laptop. Perfecte configuratie (Debian voorgeinstalleerd). Niet eerder zo'n fijne laptop gehad, zeker gezien de prijs/kwaliteitverhouding. Een echte aanrader! Bedankt Guy!
2020-08-20, 15:48
The ordered laptop was not a standard configuration but was delivered in less than a week at our doorstep. We are both IT professionals and were looking for a powerful laptop. Either the price was ridiculous high or we couldn't configure the laptop the way we wanted it. Until we found Ubuntushop, they had a huge amount of options and very competitive prices, even obliterating the competition. The choice was so big that we had an issue finding the laptop we wanted. We called the shop and they gave excellent advice about the choices/configurations we had in mind.
Since we still have some software that needs to run under Windows (sadly enough), we opted for a dual boot Manjaro / Windows 10 configuration. Everything was correctly configured by Ubuntushop and the laptop was ready for immediate usage. We are both happy with our new powerhouse :-).
For sure I will recommend this shop and their service to anyone interested in a new computer. Highly recommended, great value computers and a fantastic service. Keep up the good work.
Thank you,
Patrick & Ana
2020-08-19, 14:20
Uitstekende service: ook/juist als het een beetje tegenzit. Niets dan lof!
2020-08-07, 11:11
The laptop I ordered in the early afternoon was ready for dispatch the same day. The initial set up was done for me as I requested and the machine is much faster than anything I have used previously. I am very pleased with both the service and the laptop and would recommend ubuntushop to anyone looking for a Linux computer.
2020-06-19, 08:18
Great product and great service!
2020-06-17, 16:22
Love the Tails and kodachi live boot options that is standard on all ubuntushop computers. Unique in the world.
2020-06-11, 13:14
I was very impressed by how fast all my questions were answered as well as the delivery. And even so i am in the uk i will definitely use this website every time i need a linux computer and i will be very happy to recommend it to anybody who needs one.
2020-05-31, 13:59
Great Service
havent bought a computer but the site is excellent. i love the linux testing feature :)
2020-04-28, 22:48
Great service and an awesome delivery :)
2020-03-05, 15:30
Wij hebben als bedrijf voor deze shop gekozen omdat ze als enige ubuntu notebooks verkopen waarbij je de sudo gebruiker en het sudo paswoord kan instellen na levering en bij de eerste opstart.
2020-02-19, 11:19
Excellent service from Ubuntu shop especially Guy who answered questions re order promptly.Product (AIO) arrived safely in the U.K. within time stated and I feel any after-market question or problem would be resolved without a fuss.I would have no hesitation ordering again or recommending.
2020-01-22, 18:40
Sehr gute Produkte, fairer Preis und sehr sehr schneller, geduldiger und netter Support!
2019-12-27, 14:57
Langs deze weg mijn welgemeende dank aan Guy van Ubuntu-shop.be die urenlang online heeft gewerkt aan de installatie van de eID-toepassing en van mijn printer op mijn nieuwe laptop met Ubuntu 18.04, alles werkt nu prima.
Deze service is elders heden ten dage meestal ver te zoeken, maar bij Ubuntushop.be/Linux-service blijkbaar een normale zaak. TOPKLASSE 1
2019-11-07, 12:35
In Ubuntu you have a product that is very efficient. Besides, whatever problem you might encounter using it, can easily be sorted out for free. Why would anyone be spending fortunes on these other expensive alternatives?
2019-10-15, 11:13
Perfekt! Super notebook, sehr schnelle Versand und super super super support. Vielen Dank. Best shop ever!
2016-07-15, 13:09
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