Grenadierslaan 65 - B-9890 Gavere Belgium
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    +32 9 390 80 78

    Bank: BE 09 3900 6741 5257 BIC: BBRUBEBB

    BTW: BE 0865907518

Payment provider: Mollie

Transport- en Retourservice Worldwide: Bpost & Postnl


Return policy:

Due to the nature of the customized products it is not possible to return the products according Art. 80 §4, 2 ° Act. Each sale-purchase is final and not subject to any reflection period. However, we can re-install or replace the software on the computer with our return transport service after approval.


Any computer or notebook has two-year limited hardware warranty. Hardware failures must first be notified. After approval of the RMA the customer will be sent a postal transport sticker so that the customer can return the goods at the local post office (free).


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