Dual boot computers:

Linux + windows

Linux + Linux

The reality is that sometimes one cannot do without windows because manufacturers do not make their software available for open source. For example, TomTom and Garmin GPS.

Then you can opt for a dual-boot system where you can choose which operating system you want to boot from the start of the PC.

For example, you can only start Windows for Windows-only programs, and start up for surfing or online actions such as banking, ubuntu or linux-mint.

Or use the dual-boot windows for work and the linux for your private computing tasks.

There is no interaction whatsoever between the two operating systems as only one can be booted at a time. These dual boot notebooks have two SSD hard drives. On the first hard disk comes the standard operating system, on the second hard disk the dual-boot system which can be linux, but also windows.

1-2 weeks delivery time

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1-2 weeks delivery time

View details or configure
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