Free software notebooks, desktops en servers pre-installed with ubuntu+ family , Linux Mint, Elementary Os or Debian.Other Distro's on request (Parrot, Zorin, etc.)

Option ssd: os on the ssd, data (/home) on sata.(ssd=120gb)

These notebooks are modular, so other components can be inserted later, such as more RAM memory or larger hard disks.

Packed with software for surfing, word processing, audio and video, spotify, skype, photos, etc. Ideal for ordinary people, young and old, and companies. With Tails anonymous surfing boot option.
Test here online:

All computers are OEM installed, first run manual here

EU companies can purchase VAT-free : after completing EU country and valid VAT number  the price of their shopping cart will be tax free. VAT number examples / VAT number validation test
Goods will only be shipped to the address according to the VAT number.

Default with Tails Live Boot option .(Tails is an operating system that aims to protect your privacy. It does this by anonymously connect to the Internet.)





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Special Notebooks

kalilaptop        tails400





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