Start the notebook and hit F7 to get the boot menu. (can be other f key, fo example F10 or F12)

see Boot menu hot key chart for most computers

Select the usb stick with the keyboard arrows up/down and hit enter.


Choose your rescue flavour with arrow down/up and hit enter:


Backup your current installation with redorescue:

Choose redorescue from grubmenu and hit enter.In the redurescue screen hit backup:

2023 04 17 111342 1920x1080 scrot

Choose your source drive. This should contain your current linux or windows or mac installation:

2023 04 17 111355 1920x1080 scrot

Redorescue will list all partitions, the must be checked all. Only no need to backup swap partition.

2023 04 17 111403 1920x1080 scrot

Next select destination drive. This will be the usb drive (in this case samsing). Select the biggest part of the drive:

2023 04 17 111435 1920x1080 scrot

Select folder: no need to do anything. Hit next

.2023 04 17 111451 1920x1080 scrot

Name your backup. It's also good to date the backup:

2023 04 17 111510 1920x1080 scrot

Redorescue will make backup and put it on the external disk:

2023 04 17 112355 1920x1080 scrot

If there is a second harddisk in your pc, hit start again and also backup this second disk to the external ssd.

Recover backup to computer:

In Grub menu, again choose redorescue.

And hit the restore button:

2023 04 17 112437 1920x1080 scrot

Select your external ssd biggest space and hit next:

2023 04 17 112453 1920x1080 scrot

Select your backup (.redo) and hit ok:

2023 04 17 112514 1920x1080 scrot

You will get this, hit next:

2023 04 17 112545 1920x1080 scrot

Next select your source drive. This is the disk in your computer, with linux or windows installed.Hit next.

2023 04 17 112554 1920x1080 scrot

Redo rescue will select all partitions to recover, hit next:

2023 04 17 112605 1920x1080 scrot

Are you sure? Hit yes.

2023 04 17 112623 1920x1080 scrot

Redorescue will recover your system. If you had a second disk in your pc, you need to recover this also, or the computer will not start.

Hit start again and recover second disk.

2023 04 17 113040 1920x1080 scrot

If you want to make backups every month or so, be sure to order the samsung ssd that is big enough.

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