Some large (American and Chinese) companies have eyes and ears in every living room or office through their software or operating systems.
You can only block data scrapers and privacy violators by closing their transport channels on your Linux notebook.

  • With this Ubuntushop software you can block sites such as facebook or other sites for your children, workers or other users.
  • The sites are blocked systemwide, so the user can not do anything to make the sites accessible (such as disabling plugins etc.) .Only the administrator or sudo can configure the blocker.
  • The block is in & out on http + https(trough autonomous system number (ASN)) (example: 111+ facebook ip ranges or google's 7144+ ip's) ipv4+ ipv6 (facebook can snoop through your PC without being asked, even without being logged in.
  • Important here is the outbound blocking: cookies or pixels can not send anything to the relevant companies their servers)

Also ideal for blocking web browser crypto-miners.
Disabling the block is also easy. Switching on and off can also be done on the basis of hours or days.


Website blocker video howto in Ubuntu

Website blocker video howto in Linux-mint


Start the software;

Search in your menu for blocker:


Or in linux-mint:



Fill in your admin password



Confirmation block ok:


In the example is not accessable anymore, in&out


Block any domain or site

Start the program and provide domainname to block:




Unblock domain/site

Start the program and choose vrijgeven-sites and press ok, , provide admin password and ok .

All site are unblocked




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