Opensource installation service
* Opensource installatie/installation:

* Dropoff and return Bpost:

Tails Boot Option(minimum 4gb ram):

Type/merk computer:

Andere wensen/other requirements/andere Vorraussetzungen/autres exigences(printer, VPN, Encryption...):

Almost everyone has them: notebooks or desktops that are extremely slow and full of virussen.
Our new  installation service can give these computers  a new life. Opensource needs fewer resources to run smoothly on an old computers .


  • Your Notebook or desktop in good good packing or box (for notebook add charger )
  • We end a parcel shipping sticker to put on the box
  • You give the package in the postal delivery point
  • We install the open source and send the computer back to you.

Price: 50 euros per installation. Back and return Belgium: 20 eur  - Europe: 40 euros

Total price including installation end shipments: 70 euros for Belgium /  90 euro for Europe.

Do you know someone who could use this service? Send him or her this page: E-mail

You can order here:

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