Opensource installation services for notebooks and pc
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Almost everyone has them: notebooks or desktops that don't make any progress and are drunk with viruses. Or computers that can no longer run Windows 11. Our new installation service can still give these computers a new life. Open source requires few resources to run smoothly on an old computer and is therefore ideal for installing on these devices. Companies or organizations that donate computers or notebooks are unlikely to be able to run Windows 11. Installing Windows 10 is no longer an option because Microsoft will end support for Win10 in 2025.

We have special prices for non-profit and anti-poverty organizations.

For computers that come from companies, gdisk and dd completely erase the MBR and data from the existing hard drives.


  • Your Notebook or desktop in good good packing or box (for notebook add charger )
  • We end a parcel shipping sticker to put on the box
  • You give the package in the postal delivery point
  • We install the open source and send the computer back to you.

Price: 50 euros per installation. Back and return Belgium: 20 eur  - Europe: 40 euros

Total price including installation end shipments: 70 euros for Belgium /  90 euro for Europe.

Do you know someone who could use this service? Send him or her this page: E-mail

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