We supply linux computers OEM installed.
(OEM = choose your username, password and language yourself). Avoid Linux PC providers that do not do this and set a default password.


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Quality notebooks with European software. Assembled in the Netherlands and software installed in Belgium.
Modular notebooks: possibility to add more ram memory and larger disks later on, or to replace parts (including keyboard).
Enjoy these notebooks with stable and virus-free software.njoy these notebooks with stable and virus-free software.



Our free software notebooks are "designed for privacy by default"
At first start no need to turn off privacy settings that are enabled by default, such as with Windows.
With our site-blocker you can block sites, such as facebook, in & out, so that no cookies can be installed or data can be collected with, for example, the facebook-pixel. (Also not facebook members are followed)
Orders placed with a guest account:no details of the customer are stored in our webshop. When placing orders as a customer (where the customer is created), the customer data is stored in our webshop for future orders. These are completely removable upon simple request.
Our website does not use cookies or trackers in any way.

Now on all new orders: (xkl) ubuntu 20.04 LTS, linuxmint 19+ or Debian 10


Easy change to free software:




Real open hardware:  










We are a certified OEM installer of Ubuntu/linux-mint + derivatives, Manjaro and Debian.

Open source preinstalled computers with default:

Tor Browser preinstalled +

Standard Tails Os Live Boot option "to hide your whereabouts." (click for manual)

Ubuntushop's site blocker in&out: Ubuntushop's free websiteblocker.


If you buy a car, you want a test-drive. So test-drive our software now!
Experience it real and in real-time: Ubuntushop's online test page for linux computer operating systems.




You are going to choose between a Macbook or Ubuntubook?
hardware & design: little difference (more connectors on Ubuntubook)
software: little difference (more possibilities on ubuntu)
-price & privacy: huge difference


Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7.Perfect moment to switch to free software computers with linux-mint.




Ultimate privacy: kodachi notebooks + own vps & openvpn.
A complete privacy solution for ordinary people, organizations and companies.


Open source privacy notebooks with Tor+Tails for daily use by human beings.

Privacy Ensured: Ubuntu Notebooks
Although Big Brother and others in the world may wish to spy on you and steal your personal data - don't worry. With Ubuntu or Linux-mint - a safer system that respects your privacy - they will have nothing to see. Ubuntu and Linux-mint keeps you secure because most unsafe parts are blocked by default; the only way that the peepers and creepers can get a peek is if you invite them. We've got your back.

Tails Anonymous Surfing Boot Option. To surf, mail and chat anonymously. A must for researchers, inventors, politicians, activists and journalists. Standard on every ubuntushop.eu computer.

Is your government blocking sites and doing internet surveillance?
Start a Tails Session on your ubuntu computer and use the Tor network.
It can save your life.
Fostering free expression worldwide, Powering digital resistance.



New and easy live + reinstall option on all ubuntushop computers.

 Or try new distro?



Ubuntu Live + Reinstall option

Linux-mint Live + Reinstall option

Video linux distro changer (slow virtualbox)

Video from ubuntu install linux-mint(slow virtualbox)

Video from linux-mint install ubuntu(slow virtualbox)

Manjaro notebook:






Extras with every open source notebook or desktop from Ubuntushop.eu:

  •      Reinstallation function: complete reinstallation of the software
  •      Backup and restore / recovery mode (restores your operating system to a previous restore point)
  •      Tails Live Privacy boot option to surf completely anonymous like google, facebook or twitter.
  •      Parted magic boot option: to thoroughly check the hard drives
  •      Additional Printer Drivers
  •      Eid software and firefox plugin
  •      TeamViewer for Remote Assistance
  •      Further useful software such as Skype, libre office and hundreds of additional programs


Every UbuntuShop notebook or computer has a live Tails boot option on board to surf completely anonymous, and a backup and restore / recovery option (restores your operating system to a previous restore point)




New all-in-one desktopcomputers curved design:



Mini computers with pre-installed free software. Noiseless and possibility to attach to the screen.
Very low power consumption (15 to 20 W). These mini computers can accommodate 2 SSD drives.
Choose & buy: http://bit.ly/2ZPzOLL


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