We are a certified OEM installer of Ubuntu/linux-mint + derivatives, Manjaro and Debian.

Open source preinstalled computers with default:

Tor Browser preinstalled +

Standard Tails Os Live Boot option "to hide your whereabouts." (click for manual)

Ubuntushop's site blocker in&out: Ubuntushop's free websiteblocker.


If you buy a car, you want a test-drive. So test-drive our software now!
Experience it real and in real-time: Ubuntushop's online test page for linux computer operating systems.




You are going to choose between a Macbook or Ubuntubook?
hardware & design: little difference (more connectors on Ubuntubook)
software: little difference (more possibilities on ubuntu)
-price & privacy: huge difference


Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7.Perfect moment to switch to free software computers with linux-mint.




Ultimate privacy: kodachi notebooks + own vps & openvpn.
A complete privacy solution for ordinary people, organizations and companies.


Open source privacy notebooks with Tor+Tails for daily use by human beings.

Privacy Ensured: Ubuntu Notebooks
Although Big Brother and others in the world may wish to spy on you and steal your personal data - don't worry. With Ubuntu or Linux-mint - a safer system that respects your privacy - they will have nothing to see. Ubuntu and Linux-mint keeps you secure because most unsafe parts are blocked by default; the only way that the peepers and creepers can get a peek is if you invite them. We've got your back.

Tails Anonymous Surfing Boot Option. To surf, mail and chat anonymously. A must for researchers, inventors, politicians, activists and journalists. Standard on every computer.

Is your government blocking sites and doing internet surveillance?
Start a Tails Session on your ubuntu computer and use the Tor network.
It can save your life.
Fostering free expression worldwide, Powering digital resistance.


New and easy live + reinstall option on all ubuntushop computers.

 Or try new distro?



Ubuntu Live + Reinstall option

Linux-mint Live + Reinstall option

Video linux distro changer (slow virtualbox)

Video from ubuntu install linux-mint(slow virtualbox)

Video from linux-mint install ubuntu(slow virtualbox)

Manjaro notebook:






Extras with every open source notebook or desktop from

  •      Reinstallation function: complete reinstallation of the software
  •      Backup and restore / recovery mode (restores your operating system to a previous restore point)
  •      Tails Live Privacy boot option to surf completely anonymous like google, facebook or twitter.
  •      Parted magic boot option: to thoroughly check the hard drives
  •      Additional Printer Drivers
  •      Eid software and firefox plugin
  •      TeamViewer for Remote Assistance
  •      Further useful software such as Skype, libre office and hundreds of additional programs


Every UbuntuShop notebook or computer has a live Tails boot option on board to surf completely anonymous, and a backup and restore / recovery option (restores your operating system to a previous restore point)




New all-in-one desktopcomputers curved design:



Mini computers with pre-installed free software. Noiseless and possibility to attach to the screen.
Very low power consumption (15 to 20 W). These mini computers can accommodate 2 SSD drives.
Choose & buy:


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