Secret EU law threatens Internet security!
Eidas enables the government of any EU member state to issue website certificates for interception and surveillance which can be used against every EU citizen,
even those not resident in or connected to the issuing member state.
Chatbots AI, such as Chatbot GPT or Microsoft Bing will collect data/residence and information from you. If you want to use chatbots AI, be sure to hide your IP address.
Always use our AnonSurf module or Tails and Kodachi Live boot options: Anonymous surfing on your Ubuntushop computer.

Free software notebooks, desktops en servers pre-installed with additional privacy configuration.

These notebooks are modular, so other components can be inserted later, such as more RAM memory or larger hard disks.

Packed with software for surfing, word processing, audio and video, spotify, skype, photos, etc. Ideal for ordinary people, young and old, and companies. With Tails anonymous surfing boot option.
Test here online:

All computers are OEM installed, first run manual here

  • Two years 'dropoff to local postoffice & return' hardware warranty. VAT-free delivery for EU companies with VAT number possible (-21%).
  • International customers do not need to pay VAT tax, so the prices in their cart will be reduced with 21% when entering their delivery country.
  • International orders may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country. These charges will typically be due once the shipped goods arrive at the country of destination.
  • Delivery time: 1 - 2 weeks. Mostly send out within a week. In stock products are send out within 3 days.
    Transport Lead times : Belgium-Netherlands: 24h - Europe(incl Suisse&Norway): 48h - World: depends on country.


Anonsurf: "Dance like no one's watching"

Would you like to visit websites, email, chat or post messages anonymously? It's possible.
Anonymous surfing on your computer systemwide.
Preinstalled on your new  computer.




 Indispensable add-ons for your new ubuntushop computer:Live Boot options developed by

All live boot options are loaded in RAM, no internal disks are mounted.

  • With standard Tails Os Live Boot  option "to hide your whereabouts." (video)   (howto)
  • With  standard Kodachi Os Live Boot  option "extreme privacy."(video)   (Manual)
  • Script disable/enable webcam & microphone
  • With Ubuntushop's siteblocker video:
  • Kali Live Boot option for ethical hacking
  • PartedMagic boot option for testing or deep erase harddisks
  • SuperGrub Live option for booting computer with damaged uefi
  • RedoRescue boot option for backup your current OS to external disc or cloud and/or recover backup



New: Starting a new business? Become self-employed? Enjoy Dolibarr open source billing/accounting software.
Installation of Dolibarr Open source ERP & CRM for companies (SMEs, large companies, freelancers, foundations) locally on your new linux computer.




Now with every order a free installation stick (Uefi and Bios) to install other computers of family and friends. + a backup Redo image and RedoRescue boot option to restore the computer to factory settings.

Test various Linux operating systems online and live in your own language on your pc, tablet or smartphone here.

notebooks: Clevo   -   Mini-pc: Intel of Asus

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Kali Linux contains more than 950 pre-installed programs for testing.







Dual boot computers: Linux + windows / Linux + Linux




Mini Computers


 Desktop Computers

Linux Desktop Pc Intel cpu



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