Migrate your school to open source with a debian install server in one day: install 256 computers at once, 15 minutes per batch.
Still having a windows xp / 7/10 computer class? No budget for new computers? School computers hacked?
Savings in education?
The only server to manage your entire school .
No Linux knowledge required works just like windows. No licenses.

    -installation server to provide all Your computers with a free operating system (also on older computers)
    -domain server: easily create users who can log in directly to which PC
    -file server: every student has his place on the file server
    -print server
    -Including MS office online launcher. and Libreoffice
    -web server for the school website or cms such as moodle
    -content server: place docs for your students
    -filter server: keep unauthorized content from the network (also facebook etc. if necessary)
    -log server: map all usage nicely
    -afterburner: one-click additional software installation, upgrade or adjustments on all computers simultaneously.

Debian 10 all-in-one install+domain school server

  • file server
  • mail server
  • webserver
  • webmail
  • printserver
  • install server (for installing client computers with ubuntu)
  • domainserver
  • edu cms
  • print accounting
  • school software
  • 2 networkcards gigabit
  • ssd operatingsystem
  • 2x sata raid data


$ £
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