Ubuntu is the fastest growing computer operating system in the world with millions of users.

Your quest for greater digital privacy and security ends here.

  • Here you can buy your first ubuntu or linux mint computer.
  • The best protection against ransomware virus and encryption.
  • Save as a company or private person hundreds of euros in ICT labor and antivirus + firewall software.
  • Ubuntu computers are the ideal replacements for Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 computers. Super safe online banking, online shopping and surfing


High quality notebooks with the most modern opensource software to use for many years without viruses and respecting your privacy. No virus scanner or firewall required. The only computer for safely online banking.

Excellent delivery in Europe with 2 years warranty. Now with easy re-install option.

Worry-free computing with    : free software and free hardware.


Now on all new orders: (xkl) ubuntu 16.04 LTS


Almost all computers in shops and stores are pre-installed with closed-source US software , with little or no software service or after-sales assistance.
And they make your computer act as a spymachine:
Here is your solution:
Here you can finally buy a computer with a European operating system and software  with no viruses, hacking and spying capabilities.
And with the same programs such as Firefox and Opera Web browser, libreoffice office suite, Skype etc.
Finally safe surfing and online banking for everyone, both young and old, without having continuous fear of viruses and hackers.
We ship to all countries in Europe with 2 years hardware warranty.(bpack World Easy Return)
Installed with (XLK)ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Linux-Mint 17.3 or Debian 8 , multilingual
Do you need ms office for your work/school/organistation? The MS-Online app is installed
Now with easy reinstall option: reinstall your opensource with one click.


Real open hardware:  

Low-entry notebooks

Beginners Ubuntubooks:

13.3" notebook: 600 euro + transport >

15.6" notebook: 560 euro + transport >

17" notebook: 640 euro + transport >

Free gift for your first order of a free-software computer: Tux keychain + tux stickerset








The only notebook that can run linux/opensource now and in the future.



The Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition is the first tablet in the world to use Ubuntu OS
and the first device to offer PC convergence. Light and powerful, with excellent battery life and a Full HD display, its ability to switch to an Ubuntu PC makes it the ideal work tool.



Option: case with bluetooth qwerty keyboard: convergention at it's best