High quality notebooks with the most modern opensource software to use for many years without viruses and respecting your privacy. No virus scanner or firewall required. The only computer for safely online banking.

Worry-free computing with    : free software and free hardware.

You will be satisfied with your UbuntuBook. Opensource on Open hardware.
Open Hardware: ability to install multiple operating systems. Current Windows 10 brand notebooks can usually only run Windows.
Almost all computers in shops and stores are pre-installed with closed-source US software , with little or no software service or after-sales assistance.
And they make your computer act as a spymachine:
Here is your solution:
Here you can finally buy a computer with a European operating system and software  with no viruses, hacking and spying capabilities.
And with the same programs such as Firefox and Opera Web browser, libreoffice office suite, Skype etc.
Finally safe surfing and online banking for everyone, both young and old, without having continuous fear of viruses and hackers.
We ship to all countries in Europe with 2 years hardware warranty.(bpack World Easy Return)
Installed with (XLK)ubuntu 15.10 or 14.04, Linux-Mint 17.3 or Debian 8 , multilingual
Do you need ms office for your work/school/organistation? The MS-Online app is installed


Real open hardware:  

Low-entry notebooks

Beginners Ubuntubooks:

13.3" notebook: 530 euro + transport >

15.6" notebook: 560 euro + transport >

17" notebook: 640 euro + transport >

Free gift for your first order of a free-software computer: Tux keychain + tux stickerset








The only notebook that can run linux/opensource now and in the future.

Large commercial software companies have their software pre-installed on (almost all) computers;They have eyes and ears in every living room or office. Cloud and mail services of these software companies are shamelessly searched by security agencies. Localization, face recognition, iris-scan, fingerprint, commercial interests and surfing habits of these computer users are hot business.

If you do not like this anymore, read on.

Your first free software computer with ubuntu, linux mint debian or operating system , you can buy it here.

Ubuntu / Debian is an operating system such as Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, ... With this free software your computer is no longer difficult. It is suddenly a flexible tool, adapted to your needs and desires, that lets you do your tasks easier and faster. In a world where technology is constantly more complex,  for Ubuntu and Debian the people and the simplicity of their computers and operating system are more important.

  •     Stable: your computer turned on for days without a break? No problem
  •     Ease of Use: An ergonomic and intuitive environment with extensive help features and tutorials. Easier than working with windows or mac.
  •     Complete: After installation, you have all the standard desktop application from word processing and spreadsheets to photo editing, email programs and web browser.
  •     Secure: Ubuntu / Debian provides as GNU / Linux system unprecedented protection against viruses/spyware. To date, there is no virus that can infect your system.
  •     Expandable: Choose from thousands of free programs that are available. You can install with a single click.
  •     Ubuntu Book family-mode capability: total block sites (adult) and / or social networking sites like facebook (continuous or x number of hours per day permit)
  •     Beloved: Millions of users around the world rely on these open source and many of them work hand in hand to improve Ubuntu and expand.
  •     Every computer is pre-installed with teamviewer remote help system for after-sales help such as installing printers etc...
  •     We ship to Europe countries with two-year warranty.
  •    The notebooks and desktops are "free to install", so you can always install other operating systems (such as Windows) (no secure boot)

Do not hesitate and join the millions of satisfied users. Free Tux Penguin stickerset with every purchase computer.

Every Ubuntushop-computer has the Tor Privacy Browser installed for privacy-surfing.

With over 10 years of experience.


For schools:

Migrate your school in one day!

The only server you need.

Migrate your school or library in one day to opensource and never pay software licenses again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

This server installs ubuntu and other opensource on your excisting computers, even the old ones! No opensource knowledge required at all.

And keep using your favorite programs as before : firefox, opera, gimp, libreoffice etc.....

  • works just like windows or mac, with a nice desktop and startbutton
  • extreme safety for all internet danger
  • privacy for all your data and mails
  • education software available for all grades
  • multiple languages and keyboard layouts available
  • blockers available, from porn to facebook if needed

Put this server in your network, start every pc with network boot, wait a few minutes and your ubuntu flavor os is installed.

The installed computer is also joined in debianserver's domain. You are done.

Migrating your old xp computers or new ones to opensource is now very easy.

We are shipping this server worldwide.