"UbuntuShop Now Provides Tails Live Session Option By Default"UbuntuShop Now Provides Tails Live Session Option By Default"

Now with every free software computer purchase a free installation usb stick or dvd with the opensource+install manual. For installing ubuntu and flavours, linux mint or Elementary Os on regular bios or UEFI-Boot computers. Useful for the forgotten computers or for family and / or friends.













 Flexibel software: the re-install function.

Do you want another linux flavour? Or just reinstall? It's possible. See video.


Extras with every open source notebook or desktop from Ubuntushop.eu:

  •      Reinstallation function: complete reinstallation of the software
  •      Backup and restore / recovery mode (restores your operating system to a previous restore point)
  •      Tails Live Privacy boot option to surf completely anonymous like google, facebook or twitter.
  •      Parted magic boot option: to thoroughly check the hard drives
  •      Additional Printer Drivers
  •      Eid software and firefox plugin
  •      TeamViewer for Remote Assistance
  •      Further useful software such as Skype, libre office and hundreds of additional programs


Every UbuntuShop notebook or computer has a live Tails boot option on board to surf completely anonymous, and a backup and restore / recovery option (restores your operating system to a previous restore point)






In recent weeks many customers opt for Elementary Os notebooks, so easy, safe and beautiful.For users from 3 to 100 years. Shop here.


European computers and software, now more than ever.

Now available: Elementary Os computers.


-Steambook : The ultimate online game platform: notebooks with Steam Os pre-installed, for gamers

-UbuntuStudio Notebooks (Presentation). Notebooks for creative people, fully loaded with software for: Audio, Graphics, Video, Photography and Publishing. (Review)

Privacy for anyone anywhere

The Amnesic Incognito Live System notebook


Ubuntu is the fastest growing computer operating system in the world with millions of users.

Your quest for greater digital privacy and security ends here.Now with TAILS - The Amnesic Incognito Live System boot option on every opensource installation.

  • Here you can buy your first ubuntu or linux mint computer.
  • The best protection against ransomware virus and encryption.
  • Save as a company or private person hundreds of euros in ICT labor and antivirus + firewall software.
  • Ubuntu computers are the ideal replacements for Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 computers. Super safe online banking, online shopping and surfing
  • New: Are you a Mac user and want to swich to opensource?  Elementary OS is your best choice.


High quality notebooks with the most modern opensource software to use for many years without viruses and respecting your privacy. No virus scanner or firewall required. The only computer for safely online banking.

Excellent delivery in Europe with 2 years warranty. Now with easy re-install option.

Worry-free computing with    : free software and free hardware.


Now on all new orders: (xkl) ubuntu 16.04 LTS/17.04 or linuxmint 18.1

Easy change to free software:




Real open hardware:  



Business notebooks + docking station with opensource pre-installed




The only notebook that can run linux/opensource now and in the future.